This month I have pushed through with my plan to shift over my portfolio site to using a static generator. The benefits for my are multiple:

  • less technical maintenance (no databases)
  • less computing strain on my web hosting
  • simpler posting process

I have moved over my blog to it’s own domain at I wanted to make my portfolio site as focused as possible to showcasing my career updates and felt that my other creative pursuits would just distract from that (my interests are varied).

I’m using a CI/CD approach to maintaining and deploying my site and this gives me an opportunity treat my portfolio site as an application. I am still trying to see how I could make using it a little more interesting for me. I’ve actually created a random generator for the things I might be doing at the moment on my home page. :)

Suffice to say that this site is far from done, but I would rather have it done than perfect. For my portfolio samples I plan to slowly add them back as I only plan to show select work. I might also put a downloadable PDF for them as well.

If you would have any inquiries feel to send me an email