Ferlin Hicarte is a graphic, web and experience designer. He has been doing this since 1999, working for several companies since getting his Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines. He knows enough to let him get the job done.

He currently works full-time at Optum Global Solutions leading a team of front-end developers where they design and create applications for the health care industry. His work experience is not limited to that though. He has worked in web, interactive, and online learning as well.

Despite his busy schedule, he still makes time to do side projects that are not in conflict with his work in Optum. He says this helps him broaden his experiences and perspective, and provides a break from the daily grind.

He is into mobile photography and minimalist living. He’s currently . You can probably find him writing about this on his blog.

As you can probably tell, he likes to make things. He hopes he can create something for you.