This whole headphone jack thing

A good piece by John Paczkowski of BuzzFeed regarding Apple’s removal of the headphone jack.

An exerpt form the article:

Schiller thinks it’s a silly argument. “The idea that there’s some ulterior motive behind this move, or that it will usher in some new form of content management, it simply isn’t true,” he says. “We are removing the audio jack because we have developed a better way to deliver audio. It has nothing to do with content management or DRM — that’s pure, paranoid conspiracy theory.”

While I love my Audio Technica and Bose headphones and use an LG G4 I have for most of the past year been using a pair of Bluetooth headsets. It’s just convenient. At home where it is a better place to listen to my audio collection I just connect it to either my Bluetooth speaker or to my TDK Boombox which has a USB connector for my iPhone 5, which conveniently charges it too.

Different facets to the argument. When I eventually go back to the iPhone (hopefully next year) I won’t be using the lightning connector headset as much if at all.