Writing Direction

I’ve had this website for a while and it used to be just my work portfolio. Last year I had decided to rebuild it from the ground up and make it into something more, hoping to focus on the things that I’m passionate about, which are mainly:

  • Music
  • Design and Art
  • Gadgets
  • Minimalistic living


Minimalism has been the focal point of my efforts last year. I have sorted through my things and discarded those that I deemed I no longer need. I have also taken a look at how I have run my day to day tasks, with the goal on focusing more on the things that make me happy or gives my life more meaning. I believe there is a lot to share here and I’ll be writing more about them moving forward.

This will be the underlying theme of the articles I will be writing. Focusing on the important stuff and discarding the rest. Living with intention and finding meaning.

Gadget Reviews

Using what I have learned about minimalist living is a great way to review stuff actually. I have whittled down most of what I own to the most important, and I can use that to compare with any potential replacement or any product I would review.

The other thing I would be doing is to make sure I thoroughly review everything and part of that is to be able to keep them far longer than one week, a month at least. This is why the title for my series will be “Well Used”.


My close friends know how much I love music, Alternative music largely. But I also have opinions regarding musicians and the local music industry in particular. Though I may on occasion write about those opinions, I will be focusing mostly on sharing new music or artists in my posts. I have already started that with my OnQueue posts in Twitter and Facebook, as well as having creating a channel in Anchor, but I admit as of the time of this writing I don’t have a concrete communication strategy yet, but I have ideas already so I guess stay tuned.


For something that I’ve studied for this is the most challenging to write for. There are exhaustive articles to read and blogs to follow, but I was thinking on sharing articles and writings posts that would help a layman develop an appreciation for it. This will cover user experience and visual design mainly, but I won’t ever let myself be limited to it. To


I only have two cameras, a Canon PowerShot G12 and the camera on my LG G4. I rarely use the G12 anymore, as the LG G4 is less cumbersome to bring (as it is my main phone) and goes with the minimalist lifestyle as a very capable convergence device. That said, I have been using it to do mobile photography and you’ll see that every so often in my posts.


So what do I aim for this new direction? I am aiming to inspire at least one person to have a new appreciation of things and be enabled to think critically. I can be that person actually, but I am hoping it would be able to inspire other people to try new things and develop an appreciation on whatever they have decided to try; whether it be listening to a new genre or artist, putting more thought into their next purchase, or finding out the artist’s intention for their work.

With that said, I’m going to go write some.