New year, new life eh?

Ok, I am subscribing to this “new year, new” me bandwagon. I will once again try to be healthier and better at what I do, which hopefully makes me a little wealthier and ultimately helps to making me happier, which is the end goal.

I read in an article recently that the reason why a lot of people fail in reaching their goals is due to the fact that they’re trying to do too much too soon. I’ve looked at the goals I’ve set for myself and yeah, I have to agree. Which is why I will have to choose around three to five big goals to work on this year. I also won’t rush into it. I will just need to be consistent about it.

So for 2017, the goals would be the following:

  • Be healthier by losing weight and eating better, with some exercise
  • Venture into something new at work this year
  • Have a minimalist lifestyle
  • Learn a new craft

Now to increase the chances for success, I need to make myself accountable to somebody. For work, it’s my boss; for losing weight and having to live minimally it’s probably going to be my girlfriend; for the new craft it’s definitely my teacher.

As for existing duties and responsibilities, I will need to make sure I cover them throughout the year, but I would need ways to better manage them. I would need to have a more efficient means of keeping track of everything. Notebooks and planners are out of the question because I often don’t bother going back to previous entries and looking through my notes. I find that they’re better suited to help me remember as I write them. Electronic is the way to go. Yeah, time to find software again (which could be another article to write about).

So I seem to be set for the year. I wish myself good luck.