Movie Music: Point/Counterpoint

This post is actually two videos: one is a video from Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting talking about why you can’t remember Marvel film music. The next video would be Dan Golding’s response to the points made by Tony.

The key points I was able to derive:

  • Musical scoring is largely unoriginal
  • The music used in the Marvel films are safe and inoffensive
  • Using a full orchestra is expensive
  • Directors often use temp music to score a film then bring them to composers to produce something similar; this practice is systemic
  • Technology (computers and synths) has helped make the creation of musical scores to be more involved and customizable, but this in turn has also limited the variety of sound you could produce
  • Hans Zimmer was the keyboard guy in black in the “Video Killed the Radio Star” music video
  • The Star Wars theme is actually a remix (see first bullet)

The Marvel Symphonic Universe (Tony Zhou)

A Theory of Film Music (Dan Golding)

I somehow see a parallelism with the current music industry, but I’ll save that for a future post.